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xBhp is an Indian motorcycling community and portal. xBhp means 'x' amount of braking horse power. The community aims to promote motorcycling as a lifestyle in India by concieving and executing trendsetting activities and roadtrips.

In 2006, xBhp pioneered a series of roadtrips with The Great Indian Roadtrip. Each roadtrip aimed to involve its community members offline and online and excel itself by capturing beautiful photos and sharing blogs.

Since then xBhp has done India (2006), Australia (2007), NZ (2008), India (2009), Ireland (2009) & NZ (2010).

With the Italian roadtrip xBhp has, for the first time, run a community elevating national level contest, the details of which can be seen on the right column. With this, xBhp has purposefully furthered itself from being just a forum or a website to becoming an entity that has the power and ability to bring true the wildest of dreams of a motorcyclist and yet remain accessible to anyone and everyone in this country and abroad.

The contest involved answering a simple question. The entries were then evaluated on the basis of their articulation and how well they stuck to the point.

Stage 1: We got 1500+ entries
Stage 2: 336 were selected (See them).
Stage 3: 50 were selected (See them).
Stage 4: 10 were selected (See them).
Stage 5: The top 10 were sent questionnaires interviewing them.
Stage 6: Top 3 were selected and were asked to file for visas is order of best to worst. Only one of them will be go to Italy depending who gets the visa.

The Top 3 Winners
The winner gets 4 days and 3 nights in Italy with the xBhp team, the Ducati bikes, a Videocon Mobile phone & a Ducati Factory Tour.
The roadtrip will start from June 28th 2010 from Bologna Italy and will end on 18th July 2010
Kms Done: 7200 Photos Clicked:5600 Days on Road: 23
Day 11: July 8th 2010 : Castleluccio to Pescocostanzo
Day 10: July 7th 2010 : The Enchanting Village of Castelucchio
Day 10: July 7th 2010 : Florence to Castlelucchio
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